Biden Advisor Brian Deese says the quiet part out loud when asked about outrageous gas prices

The Biden Administration has continuously shown itself to be insensitive to working-class families. Joe Biden himself often seems annoyed when confronted with the negative impact his policies have had on regular Americans, and his entire administration attempts to cover for him.

Friday, Biden’s advisor and director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, took things a step further in a slap to the face of working America.

When asked what he would say to families struggling to pay $4.85 or more at the pump for months or even years, this was his response:

“This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.” Whatever the “Liberal World Order” is, Deese clarifies that it is not about helping the working class. It is not about helping Americans. And it is not about affordability for either group.

This comes after Biden stated that US drivers will pay a premium at the pump for “As long as it takes.” As long as what takes, precisely? Killing fossil fuels to implement a green agenda, most likely.

Biden’s Administration could not care any less about the troubles of the average American, the very troubles they themselves have caused. Instead, their agenda is focused on serving the future of the “Liberal World Order.” Crushing resistance and expanding their own power while also manipulating the country with high inflation to kill off fossil fuels. This regime does not care who it hurts or how it hurts them.

However, that they are asking the Americans, they are hurting with their agenda to “stand firm” to further an agenda intended to hurt them is as surreal as it is angering. What’s more, liberal voters hurt by this still blame everyone but the party in charge as they eagerly await this new world order that Deese is referencing.

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