President Trump welcomed the US Olympic athletes to the White House today. He greeted some of the 200 athletes with a handshake and a short introduction (see video below from DC Facebook).  He made jokes with the athletes asking if there were any “quitters” in the group.  He got lots of laughs when he said he’d tell any quitters to “get the hell out of here”. There were many funny moments but President Trump mostly made an effort to honor these world-class athletes.

President Trump mentioned the US delegation including Vice President Pence, Ivanka Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

After greeting them, he mentioned the summit between South and North Korea and thanked South Korea for the hospitality during the Olympics:

“My gratitude goes out to South Korea and my real warm feeling for President Moon for being such a gracious host to our delegation,” Trump said. “On the occasion of this week’s meeting between president Moon and Kim Jong Un, I want to express my hope that all of the people of Korea — North Korea and South — can someday live together in harmony, prosperity, and peace. And it looks like it could happen.”

WFB reports:

Trump said he was “thrilled” to welcome the athletes to the White House, saying they performed well and made the country proud.

“Two months ago, America sent each of you to the winter Olympics to represent the red, white, and blue and you did an awfully good job,” Trump said.

“You overcame setbacks, you powered through obstacles, and I will tell you this—because of your hard work and your sacrifice, you were given the greatest honor in sports: to represent the United States as an Olympic athlete,” Trump added.

It’s a great honor to attend a ceremony like this one at the White House no matter who the president may be. USA! USA! USA!

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