The Biden regime has broken a lot of records; highest illegal immigration levels, highest crime rates, the highest number of dead police officers, record-high inflation, and now, the highest gas prices in US history.

The President’s failures have led to widespread discontent, which may explain why the next record he is set to break is record-low approval ratings.

Discontent with government-mandated vaccines and lockdowns were what led to the Canadian trucker convoy, which had a US equivalent.

Truckers have once again decided to flex their muscle to protest high gas prices that are fueled by the inflation crisis, Biden’s radical environmental policy, and sanctions against Russia.

NBC Los Angeles Reported

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“Big rigs, some with banners demanding lower diesel fuel prices, were stopped on the southbound 5 Freeway near the 134 Freeway interchange. Traffic was crawling past in one last of the 5 Freeway.

The California Highway Patrol incident log indicated some drivers were out of their vehicles and walking on the freeway with banners.

Some of the big rigs pulled to the side of the road later Friday morning, allowing traffic to resume.”

French protesters took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in 2018 to protest high gas prices, including a fuel tax that disproportionately harmed the working class.

The protests led to a cancellation of the gas tax and other taxes that hurt the middle class in France, such as a tax on overtime pay.

Perhaps Americans should take inspiration from France?

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