Someone vandalized a Vietnam War memorial but great Americans came to clean it up…”You will not be forgotten”

Volunteers helped cleanup a Vietnam War memorial wall in Venice after it was vandalized with graffiti on Sunday.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was investigating the incident and believe the crime happened sometime last week.

The memorial, located on a black wall along Pacific Avenue, was painted by a Vietnam veteran in 1992 and has 2,273 names on it. It declares “You are not forgotten,” which was covered up by the graffiti. Citizens all the way from Lancaster and other areas came together to repaint the phrase over the markings and cleanup the graffiti.

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“The bad guys were not going to win today. We are going to come here and repair the wall. These guys gave their lives so that we can have what we have today, and I refuse for them to be disrespected,” said one volunteer.

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The wall has been previously tagged, but the latest vandalism is the most extensive as it covers up the bottom half of the memorial for much of its length.

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