Former President Barack Obama came to the mostly black Detroit to ask voters to support four white candidates whose names will appear on the ballot in the upcoming midterm elections. One of the candidates Barack Obama was stumping for, is career-politician and do-nothing-Senator, Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

His visit came 11 days before a mid-term election in which turnout could be a critical factor for Democratic candidates like gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer and U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to rally with Republicans on Monday.

Michigan Democrats traditionally struggle to turn out voters in non-presidential election years, particularly in urban areas like Detroit. Beyond Whitmer’s running mate Garlin Gilchrist II, Democrats are offering a predominately white statewide ticket to voters in the majority African-American city.

Obama, the nation’s first black president, pumped his fist to the crowd as he took the stage before hugging Stabenow and Whitmer, whom he praised during his speech. – Detroit News

When Obama wasn’t attempting to take credit for President Trump’s incredible economy, his speech was mostly about race, class warfare, and social injustice. What’s interesting, however, is that a man who is so obsessed with lifting up the person of color, he was quick to support Debbie Stabenow over her black Republican opponent, John James.

John James, the Republican candidate running for Senator in Michigan, is a former Army Ranger and successful businessman. As it turns out, he’s also proving to be a popular politician, giving Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who’s never had to fight for her seat, a reason to be concerned. The relative newcomer is within 6 points of the lifetime politician. It was a bit strange to see Barack Obama, America’s first black president, who spent most of his asked a presidency obsessing over race, coming to a predominately black city to ask the residents of Detroit to support the White, do nothing candidate over the black successful candidate, John James.

James, who is challenging Stabenow, on Friday launched a new commercial that argued black voters shouldn’t be captives of the Democratic Party.

“So Joe Biden has said that he believes that Republicans don’t want black people to vote. Well, I’m a Republican. I want black people to vote. In fact, I want everyone to vote who is eligible to vote,” James says in the one-minute ad.

“…The Democratic Party leadership cares more about the black vote than the black people, and it’s time to wake up. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a seat at both tables, and we can elevate our people together.”

John James also responded to Barack Obama’s visit via Twitter:

: I started elementary school blocks away from where you spoke tonight. Detroit, my home, is still the most segregated city in the nation. I’ll work with ANYONE to change that. With all due respect sir, Stabenow’s had 43 yrs to fix this. I’m only asking voters for 6.

Here’s Barack Obama’s angry and bitter speech where he begs the mostly black audience to support the panel of white Democrats. Obama’s divisive speech was also filled with mistruths and outright fabrications.


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