The Democrats and leftist media like MSNBC didn’t waste time politicizing Hurricane Florence for their own benefit. The problem is that every claim they’ve made is fake news…every single one. They’re counting on the low information voter to buy into what they’re saying. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the left…isn’t it? The only problem is that people’s lives are at stake here and this fake news is a distraction from the real news that needs to get out in order to help the people hit by the hurricane.

We’ll make a prediction right now that when President Trump does a great job on the hurricane relief, the left will find something to nitpick him for. They will NEVER give him credit…ever.

FEMA’s Brock Long went at it with Andrea Mitchell today over the fake news narrative in the media:

Mitchell tried to say that it’s federal responsibility to rebuild infrastructure:

“The fact is…Just as after Katrina, where there was infrastructure in parts of New Orleans, that is a federal responsibility. These are American citizens.”

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Long shot back at Mitchell:

“Uh, no, you’re actually wrong on that. It’s not a federal responsibility to upkeep the infrastructure. Actually most of the infrastructure in this company is owned by the private sector.”

Long was then targeted over the response in Puerto Rico but shot back that $2 billion was given in food and commodities. He continued to explain that even though that amount was given, they still need stores to help with the recovery.

The corruption in Puerto Rico and so many other things that had to do with Puerto Rico’s response are to blame for anything that failed. There’s only so much we can do if the first responders and other things are not there.

The biggest reach by the media has been the spread of fake news about a congressman’s claim of $10 million stolen by Trump and given to ICE for detentions. No kidding! These people are just desperate!

Long called out Congressman Marley for “playing politics on the back of Florence” with his claim of stolen money:

“Right now, that money has nothing to do with what you see behind me. It does not pay for this response, it is not coming out of the disaster relief fund, it has no impact on our efforts to be prepared in Florence.”

“There’s no story there”…



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