Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy nails it when he says that Hillary would never be charged because she engaged in email exchanges with Obama. The former president could not have had her prosecuted because he also violated the law by talking on a private email channel discussing private government matters.

McCarthy discusses his op-ed in National Review today:  He discusses the Hillary Clinton email scandal starting at the 5:20 mark – Please see the text messages between Strzok and Page below that show shocking attempts to protect Obama and also protect and clear Hillary:

The Last Refuge reports:

Obviously President Obama could be at risk within the unlawful Secretary Clinton use of unauthorized and non-secure email controls. President Obama previously stated he had no knowledge of Secretary Clinton using non-governmental email.

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Transparently, the fact that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were emailing each other, indicates President Obama did in fact know of Clinton’s email account structure. The electronic communication between Clinton and Obama now becomes a risk.

Enter FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap to clean up a messy issue.

From the text messaging between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ/FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, we see that Bill Priestap helped create the carefully worded manuscript FBI Director James Comey delivered in July 2016 to extricate Clinton from her illegal action. However, Bill Priestap’s editorial focus was very specific:

It was Asst. FBI Director W.H. “Bill” Priestap, in his role within the DOJ/FBI “small group”, who removed the connection of President Obama to the email account of Secretary Clinton:


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That removal is one of the more consequential changes that appears to have taken place in changing Comey’s transcript. That change held massive potential ramifications.

This is yet another indication that Bill Priestap is a key and central figure inside this conspiracy. Bill Priestap was FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s direct boss.

Please read more at The Last Refuge


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