Yesterday was one of the worst days in American history. It will always be remembered by Americans as the day a rag-tag bunch of Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan killed 13 US military members. In addition to killing US service members, the violent suicide bomb attacks killed or injured an untold number of people desperately waiting outside the airport for America’s inept commander-in-chief to formulate a plan to help them escape the new Islamic terror state.

The Biden regime was ill-prepared for the nightmare situation they created at the Hamid Karzai International airport where tens of thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies have been desperately waiting for their chance to be airlifted out of the hell-hole filled with bloodthirsty animals, many of whom were riding around in stolen American military vehicles. The vehicles, along with billions of dollars worth of military arms and equipment, were left behind in Joe Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan that a fourth grader could’ve predicted would happen.

Only moments ago, we shared the name and identity of US Navy Medic Maxton Soviak from Berlin Heights, Ohio, whose void will be felt by his heartbroken family and circle of friends.

Now, the Daily Beast has released an interview with the father of US Marine Kareem Nikoui, who was part of the terrorist attack on the Kabul airport.

Daily Beast – Steve Nikoui said he knew the Marines contacted the families of anyone killed in action “within eight hours.” Right about 7:15 p.m. PT, “these young men walked up,” he said.


They first appeared on Nikoui’s phone, which was linked to his doorbell camera, he explained. He had been watching the news for any word of his son or his comrades and wanted to make sure he intercepted any bad news before his wife, and other son got home and saw a clutch of Marines standing there.

The Marines who came to deliver the news of Kareem’s death were “more choked up than me,” Nikoui said. “I was actually trying to console them. But at the same time, I just wanted them to get out as soon as possible so that no one from my family came back and saw them. I thought it appropriate that I be able to tell them.”

“I haven’t gone to bed all night,” Nikoui continued. “I’m still in shock. I haven’t been able to grasp everything that’s going on.” As of right now, Nikoui’s plan is to go to Dover, Delaware, and pick up his son’s remains.

Kareem “loved what he was doing; he always wanted to be a Marine,” said Nikoui, noting that his son had been stationed close to home at Camp Pendleton. This made it easy for Kareem to visit on weekends, and he often brought along “10 or 15 other Marines” with him. When the holidays rolled around, Kareem always brought a few buddies with him for a home-cooked meal, according to Nikoui.

“My wife and I felt very honored that [since] these other boys weren’t around their homes, that we were able to provide some sort of family life for them,” he said. “He really loved that [Marine Corps] family. He was devoted—he was going to make a career out of this, and he wanted to go. No hesitation for him to be called to duty.”

Through tears, Nikoui expressed flashes of anger along with his anguish. He said he wants to “respect the office” of the president, but doesn’t have much love for President Joe Biden at the moment. A Trump supporter, Nikoui was happy that Trump was in office when Kareem joined the Marines. “I really believed this guy didn’t want to send people into harm’s way,” he said.

“They sent my son over there as a paper pusher and then had the Taliban outside providing security,” said Nikoui. “I blame my own military leaders… Biden turned his back on him. That’s it.”

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