Wouldn’t it be great if NFL players who are suddenly so concerned about the plight of the young black man in the inner city, would spend their free time mentoring young fatherless boys, instead of beating their girlfriends or wives? Wouldn’t it be great if more players spent less time kneeling during the national anthem to protest law enforcement in America and more time helping young impressionable boys stay out of gangs and off the streets?  Wouldn’t it be great if the NFL owners had the courage to confront these players who plan to continue to disrespect our flag with the actual NFL rules that prohibit them from exhibiting such behavior on the field? It’s almost as though the owners have made the decision to allow the players to destroy the league. The owners may live to regret their decisions when it comes time to tally up their losses at the end of the season, as die-hard fans, like the Packer backers, threaten to turn off their TV’s, to stop filling NFL stadiums and buying NFL merchandise.

Have Americans already forgotten about the real reason Kaepernick was kneeling during the national anthem? He was kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter and their war against law enforcement. NFL players who kneel or stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick are protesting against our law enforcement. Should anyone be surprised by the backlash these players are receiving from their fans, as they disrespect our flag to show their support for Black Lives Matter’s war on cops?

Breitbart – Sports teams ask a lot of their fans, especially in places like Green Bay. Where, depending on the time of year, a fan could get hypothermia while just sitting in his seat. However, one recent request the team has made of the Pack faithful has left fans feeling a little hot.

The Packers players, led by their quarterback Aaron Rodgers, issued a call to their fans to join them in interlocking arms during the national anthem. However, some fans have not taken kindly to the request. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Packers Director of Public Affairs, Aaron Popkey, says fan reaction has been intense.

“We’ve had a steady stream of feedback beginning Monday morning and it continued into Wednesday. We’ve heard on both sides of the matter. We take note of their concerns.”

The fact that Popkey alludes to the “concerns” of the fans, would certainly lead one to believe that the “steady stream” of fan feedback has definitely tacked more negative, than positive.

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The issue of anthem protests, already a hot-button issue, became an even bigger story after President Trump’s comments in Alabama last Friday night. Where, he referred to players who protested the anthem as “SOB’s,” and said he wished their team owners would fire them.

Those comments, led to a backlash from the league last weekend. All told, more than 200 players from all 32 teams protested the president’s comments in some form or fashion. The Packers stood with interlocking arms, in their game against the Bengals. With the exception of three players who remained on the bench.

However, those demonstrations did not meet with universal fan approval. Steven Tiefenthaler, a Wisconsin native, Packers shareholder and 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran, told the Green Bay Press-Gazette exactly how the protests made him feel: “I am so ashamed of and appalled by the ignorance of any NFL player who would dare disgrace our Stars and Stripes or the memory of hundreds of thousands of fallen U.S. heroes who paid with their lives so that we may live free.”

Laura Hapke, another Wisconsin native whose mother is a shareholder of the team, was shocked that the Packers would participate in the protests. Hapke herself is on the waiting list to become a shareholder, though, the team’s protests have given her some pause. Hapke said, “If they come out and say they are more into politics than patriotism, I’ll have to rethink it. It will break my heart, but I’ll have to rethink it.”

Hapke also had some really good advice for more constructive ways in which the players could protest, while letting the fans just enjoy the game. Hapke said, “If the players association would act outside of the game, I think it would be great.”

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

“I am so ashamed of and appalled by the ignorance of any NFL player who would dare disgrace our Stars and Stripes or the memory of hundreds of thousands of fallen U.S. heroes who paid with their lives so that we may live free,” said Steven Tiefenthaler, a native of Brookfield who now lives in San Antonio. Tiefenthaler is a Packers shareholder and 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran.

Shawano native Lloyd Hohn, who now lives in Bismark, N.D., said he is more disappointed than angry.

“It was and is a heartbreaker to see my beloved Packers involved in this protest. I doubt injustice is going to be affected by this action. It is style over substance,” he said. “The players during their off time need to be physically and vocally involved to bring change.”

From Mark Panteo:

The arrogant Leftists of the Green Bay Packers want fans to join them in protesting the National Anthem in a supposed show of “unity.”

Apparently, the only way to show “unity” in the NFL is to protest the National Anthem.

Disgusting. This detestable league deserves to go the way of the Hillary campaign.


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