Kari Lake’s campaign pushing Arizona to address November elections issues took a beneficial turn over the weekend. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that a lower court must go back and address the procedural issues surrounding signature verification and has now extended the timeline.

100% Fed Up featured the story after Judge Peter Thompson from Maricopa County Superior Court issued an order Thursday, setting the schedule to review Kari Lake’s signature verification challenge. The Supreme Court ordered the lower court to look into the issue. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the trial court made a mistake when it dismissed the signature fraud portion of Lake’s case and ordered that it look into the mail-in ballot envelope signatures.

In an interview, Lake addressed the problem with signature verifications in Maricopa county, saying three whistleblowers who were election day workers came forward to alert the Lake team that they were not given time to follow the law and verify that the signatures matched and were handled legally and legitimately.

Lake noted, “We have three whistleblowers who came forward from the process at Maricopa County and said they didn’t follow the procedures. They were letting through tens of thousands of signatures that were not matching, every single day, and counting them as valid.”

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Initially, the court set a deadline to submit memorandums of law for Tuesday, March 28, and a possible conference with oral argument was set for Thursday, March 30. Meaning Lake’s attorney team needed to be prepared to respond within a short time frame.
Lake’s team filed a Motion to Clarify on Friday in the Supreme Court, which would extend their time to respond to Maricopa county. Following the request, the Supreme Court issued an extension and set a new order giving the Lake team more time. As a result, April 5 is the new deadline for Lake’s attorneys to respond and file sanctions requested by Maricopa County, and April 12 is the deadline for the Defendants’ replies.
Republican Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers responded to the unusual Saturday decision after the judge updated the timeline and rescinded his Thursday scheduling order with encouragement. Tweeting, “This actually gives the Lake team more time now to prepare.”

The Arizona Superior Court scheduling document can be read here:

Kari Lake’s fight for free and fair elections moves forward, hopefully shedding light on which path other concerned citizens witnessing botched election procedures can tread. This fight is more important than which candidate wins the election. Republicans, Independents and Democrats would do well to remember that Lake is attempting to keep elections honest and join in her fight.

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