Antifa leader Matthew Banta is known as ‘Commander Red’ and is also known as a violent leader of the group.

According to WBAY, the criminal complaint against Banta, 23, says he is “known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests.”

The interesting thing about this violent leader is that when he was recently stopped by the police carrying a flamethrower to a Wisconsin BLM rally, he “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.”

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Banta was carrying the flamethrower but also was carrying smoke grenades and fireworks rockets.

In the criminal complaint from local police, they stopped Banta, who was with “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets” heading to a BLM rally.

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When police approached the group, everyone ran but Banta, who immediately dropped to the ground and began crying.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said, “It’s worrisome when people associated with Antifa come here to Green Bay from out of town…for the purposes of committing violent acts. Burning buildings, hurting people, shooting, looting, vandalizing…there’s absolutely no way that is a form of protest. That’s criminal behavior.”

Banta is from a town about 40 miles from Green Bay, WI, and was one of 15 people arrested last Saturday during a BLM rally.

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