“We want EVERYTHING”…Nothing describes the far-left better than the saying that was spray-painted on Nancy Pelosi’s garage door.

In recent days, Antifa paid a visit to both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell to let them know they are targets of the far-left radical group. The homes of both DC leaders were spray painted with messages indicating that Antifa isn’t happy with the rejection of a bill that would give a $2,000 check to every American.

Graffiti was found on the garage door of Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s home with the phrases “$2K”, “Cancel rent!” and “We want everything.”​

It’s ironic that Nancy Pelosi called police because when its HER house, graffiti is vandalism. When it’s anyone else whose home is vandalized, it’s disenfranchised people having their voice heard. Remember what Pelosi said about the devastating riots and destruction of monuments last summer? She flippantly said, “People will do what they do.”

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Pelosi never spoke out when our cities were burning and now karma is coming for her…

Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s home was also vandalized:


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