In early March, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey lifted many of the unconstitutional mandates he had put in place in 2020 during the Wuhan CCP virus.  Now, it appears as though he may have lifted all of their remaining restrictions and mandates to require masks in certain places and re-opening bars.  This includes all such mandates and restrictions imposed by cities, towns, and counties.  However, private businesses are free to make their own choices.

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey

From the Palmieri Report:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) has officially lifted the state’s mask mandate and reopened bars without restrictions.

Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday lifted Arizona’s remaining restrictions to curb the coronavirus, prohibiting government mask mandates and allowing bars and nightclubs shuttered for months to open their doors without restrictions.

The Republican governor cited rising vaccination rates and the opening of vaccine appointments to all adults, as well as a declining number of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations. His decision was welcomed by business interests and Republican officials, and condemned by public health experts and Democrats.

Ducey encouraged the continued use of masks, particularly among groups of unvaccinated people. His latest executive order allows businesses to enforce mask mandates and distancing requirements if they want, but cities, towns and counties must lift theirs.

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Let’s hope more follow as spring heats up so people can get healthy interacting face-to-face outside and inside.


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