Today, after taking a brutal beating from the dishonest corporate media and the members of his own party, Senator Joe Manchin spoke out about the attacks against him by members of his own party.

The out-of-touch Hollywood elitist actress Bette Midler crossed a line when she not only joined the Democrat mob in their attacks against Manchin but went off on a vicious rant, insulting his West Virginia constituents.

The activist actress tweeted:

What #JoeManchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible. He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia. Poor, illiterate and strung out.

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After she was attacked on social media for her unusually cruel comments about West Virginia residents, Midler offered a half-baked apology for her “outburst.”

As part of her “apology,” Midler called Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and his entire family a “criminal enterprise.”

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I apologize to the good people of WVA for my last outburst. I’m just seeing red; #JoeManchin and his whole family are a criminal enterprise. Is he really the best WV has to offer its own citizens? Surely there’s someone there who has the state’s interests at heart, not his own!

This isn’t the first time the dingbat actress stuck her foot in her mouth. In 2019, Midler talked about how “grateful” she was for Senator Rand Paul’s neighbor who “beat the shit” out of him.  Senator Paul almost died from his injuries and was hospitalized more than once following an unprovoked physical assault by his neighbor.

“I DO NOT promote violence but…”

“Rand Paul says the Kurds are being ‘ingrates’ for taking their frustrations out on US troops.”

“Which is a good reminder for us all to be more grateful for the neighbor who beat the shit out of Rand Paul.”

Senator Paul made a statement on ABC’s Powerhouse Politics that Midler objected to:

“We saved the Kurds from being beheaded and massacred by ISIS. They were able to win with our armament, with our Air Force, and they should be thanking us and throwing rose petals. And so, no, I’m offended by them throwing refuse at our troops. And it shows them to be ingrates.”

Senator Paul is correct and is backed up by the words from our current Secretary of Defense:

U.S. Defense Chief Pushes Back on CNN Political Hack: “We didn’t sign up to fight a war to defend the Kurds from a NATO ally….”

Perhaps Ms. Midler should have brushed up on her facts before revealing her ignorance in hateful tweets.

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