We recently reported the powerful ability of Joe Biden to fight with himself ideologically and allow the complete usurpation of the West by China. One phrase summed it all up: “China is going to eat our lunch.”

Well, China has already consumed our lunch as an hors d’oeuvre and now it is looking to eat our Golden Retriever.  This comes as Biden has been attacking our military and anyone in America with a conservative view point with wild accusations of white nationalism and extremism.  He offers no pervasive evidence or definition of what those things are or that they exist in any serious capacity.

Think about that.

Our military is on an unprecedented 60-day stand-down and investigation into vague extremism based upon nothing.  And it still has not even given the House Armed Services Committee (the oversight committee on such matters) a definition of extremism is in this context or what evidence they have to support their claims. According to NPR, throughout all of last year, only 68 cases of domestic extremism were reported in the military.  Glenn Beck noted on his show, today, that only 17 of those 68 were related to white natioanlism.  So, out of all the people in the military, only 17 cases arose of white nationalism.  Yet Biden claims we have some kind of white domestic extremism problem.

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No.  We do not.

What we have is a despot puppet who is drunk (or senile) with power.

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The Biden administration is openly attacking America from within, including our military.  This is an intentional and irrational demoralization in order to force submission. This is the definition of a witch hunt. And, with no solid historical definition of the alleged crimes, they will certainly be able to find plenty of people who are guilty of it.

All the while, China grows and encroaches ever more ominously around the globe.

For 5 years, Donald Trump and his advisor Peter Navarro pushed hard to sear in the minds of Westerners that China was the greatest threat posed to the Western world.  The left, RINOs, and globalist media mocked him, saying that China wasn’t a big deal at all.  They blocked him from protecting America from the China Wuhan Virus threat, calling him xenophobic for instituting a January 2020 travel ban during the pandemic.  They also wasted millions upon millions of dollars and decades worth of manpower investigating and stone-walling the president for four years and trying to make him appear weaker every day to our adversaries

As Trump finally initiated the trade war with China in response to their anti-competitive deal-breaking practices and intellectual property theft, it became obvious to more and more people that he was right.  But, up until this week, no one on the left was willing to concede this.  Joe Biden was no different, refusing to acknowledge this for years through words or meaningful action.

Now, China has taken over America as the EU’s top trading partner for the first time in history.  The implications of this cannot be understated. The growing dominance of China and spread of its authoritarianism and influence is clearly a national security threat to the West that is being ignored by our leadership as we bicker about imaginary pandemics of white supremacy.  And, surely China is an economic threat as well.

MSN Reports:

China surpassed the U.S. as the European Union’s main trading partner in 2020, according to data released on Monday by Eurostat.

EU exports to China grew by 2.2 percent in 2020, according to the report, while imports from China into the EU grew by 5.6 percent. In comparison, EU exports to the U.S. shrank by 8.2 percent and imports from the U.S. shrank by 13.2 percent.

The U.K. came in as the EU’s third-largest trading partner in 2020.

“The reason behind it is clearly the fact that China/Asia is the only region going through a nice V-shaped recovery,” Carsten Brzeski, ING Germany economist, told CNBC of the global economic recovery from the coronavirus.

How is America supposed to go through a recovery of any kind if globalists, RINOs, and leftists keep it perpetually locked down and decaying?  They are intentionally crippling America against China and giving China a handicap against us in the global competition for dominance.

“Looking ahead, the importance China has for European trade is also a clear dilemma,” Brzeski added. He stated that “Europe will have a hard time making choices” when it came to trading with China and aiding the U.S. in technology.

“China is one of the few countries to begin recovering from the economic effect of the pandemic, CNBC notes, having avoided enacting a number of severe social restrictions like many other countries have.”

There you have it: China is not destroying its businesses.  They continue to run while we are in a perpetual and artificial stall and free-fall while politicians keep us locked down.  And, in fact, as we make more and more regulations, China is making less:

“The EU reached an investment agreement in December that made it easier for European firms to operate in China. The deal has not been approved by European lawmakers.”

“By pulling together we can recover more quickly economically, and make progress on areas of mutual interest such as trade and investment relations,” European trade chief Valdis Dombrovskis said at the time of the deal’s announcement.

So, as Biden finally openly admits, China is eating our lunch.

Despite having had 50 years in government plus 8 years as VP dealing personally with China, Biden allowed and caused this to happen and America to decline.  And Biden’s mentality only seems to be more emboldened now.

Why do you think that might be?

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