The mother of Ashli Babbitt, who was killed by a United States Capitol Police (USCP) officer during unrest at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally two years ago was arrested on Friday.

Ashli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, was arrested for jaywalking at a rally where demonstrators were protesting on behalf of people imprisoned in the aftermath of January 6th.

The police gave the following statement after Witthoeft’s arrest:

“Around 1:45 p.m., the woman was arrested for two Capitol Traffic Regulations – §16.3.20 Obey An Order, and §16.3.40 Blocking And Obstructing Roadways. The person was identified as 58-year-old Micki Witthoeft.

As is typical for this charge, Ms. Witthoeft was processed and released this afternoon after being given a citation to appear in court at a later date.”

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Roughly 20 demonstrators gathered in what was mostly an uneventful protest.

Capitol Police claimed that the protesters did not have a permit, leading to them demanding that the protesters vacate the area.

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Louder With Crowder Reports

As we all know, today is the two-year anniversary of the darkest day in our nation’s history. That fateful day when “that” Shaman burst into the Speaker’s Chamber altered the course of history forever.

Though the media prefers to skirt over this detail, the only person killed in the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, was 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt. Ashli was shot by Capitol Officer Michael Byrd as she was climbing through a broken window into the Speaker’s Lobby. Byrd defended shooting Babbitt during an interview with NBC, saying he was doing his job and that Ashli was a threat to lawmakers.

Earlier today, Ashli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, attempted to protest Ashli’s death outside of the Capitol. She was promptly taken into custody by police, reportedly for jaywalking.


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