AUBURN, ALABAMA – A conservative student at Auburn University was doxxed by the university after organizing a pro-life display on campus, enraging its leftist students.

After hosting a pro-life demonstration on campus, the group Students for Life came under attack. Apparently, the Left took great offense to this and took its complaints to the university. In an email, the university explained that, due to the First Amendment, this pro-life demonstration was allowed on campus. However, they make it very clear that the university “does not endorse individual groups or their causes.”

At the end of the email, the university not only encourages the angry mob of leftist students to contact the student in charge of Students for Life, but includes a personal email as well. “We encourage you to share your concerns with the student organization that sponsored the display on campus today,” wrote Auburn University’s Student Affairs office.

Rather than saying that the university expects its students to be respectful of all personal/religious beliefs, they encourage the student body to bring their attacks straight to the student organization.

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The student, revealed by the university to be Sam Hass, is the president of Auburn’s Students for Life and Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapters. After his identity was made public, the university’s students directed all their anger and hatred at him.

Hass has received life-threatening messages on social media sites such as Instagram and Yik Yak. On Yik Yak, an anonymous message board, one person wrote, “just found out the student responsible for this horrendous display being here and i cant believe i live w him.” Another individual responded to this post, encouraging them to share the location of their residence.

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Someone else posted, “F*** sam hasss he’s in my geo class at 1 pm hall show out on Wednesday,” encouraging other students to come after him in his class.

Because Auburn University so desperately wanted to get the angry leftist mob off their backs and subsequently sent them off to attack one of their own students instead, Hass now struggles to go to class for fear of his personal safety.

“After this (the protests over the display) Yik Yak and Instagram were flooded with talk about me, with all manner of false accusations, insults, and posting about my dorm and classes,” Sam Hass reported to YAF. “Since then I have become somewhat of an outcast in polite society. I am yelled at, I have shaved and wear hoodies and fake glasses to avoid being spotted, and the University called to recommend that I accept emergency housing temporarily.”

Sam Hass

“It’s really sad to see all the hatred and anger, without these people willing to come and have a conversation about these issues. Auburn is a conservative school and the fact that this can happen here shows that nowhere in academia is safe. It’s scary for the future of our country and you don’t realize how real it is until you experience it firsthand,” Hass said.

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