Yes. The government wants to further control your poop.

A Victorian Cow Farm

Progressives try to remold society to their closest desires by stealing from good people and robbing them of their individual rights.  However, due to failed bloody wars started in the past by communists and fascists, they have altered their radical means to better serve their radical ends.  They now tend to enact these changes more slowly by legally and psychologically ‘nudging’ individualism and its rights off a cliff of despair rather then just shooting them in the face or putting them in a gas chamber.

Since farming has existed, farmers have used manure to fertilize their crops.  Is is a natural and necessary way for average farms to sustain themselves.  It is an age-old practice.  It is also chemical-free and, therefor, much safer than other methods.  Yet, because progressive minds need to meddle and ruin other people’s lives, they seek to prevent individualism.  That includes minimizing individual farms.  In order to do this, they must put as many governmental road blocks in the way of everyone, including farmers.  The latest example goes to the very foundations of farming: the fertilizer

Under the guise of environmental protection, the leftist government in Victoria Australia wishes to decree manure as Industrial Waste.


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The Land Reports:

“VICTORIAN farmers are planning concerted opposition to draft Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Victoria recommendations that would see farm animal manure classified as industrial waste under changes to the state’s environmental protection act.”

So, every time a person goes to the bathroom, would it is also be industrial waste?  What is the scientific logic here?  Does this help anyone except the bureaucrat who robbed taxpayers in order to pay himself to write this law?

Allan Bullen, Victorian Farmers Federation EPA reference group member and chicken farmer at Lang Lang, in southern Victoria, said it was disappointing the EPA had made the ruling on manure, which he said would have considerable implications on farm management.

“The VFF has opposed the proposal that animal manure be reclassified as industrial waste and is disappointed that farmer’s views have not been listened to,” Mr Bullen said.”

“Farmers have been utilizing animal manure as a sustainable by-product of agriculture for decades,” he said

“To lump them with increased green-tape is baffling.”

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Lumping manure in with ‘green tape’ is not baffling at all when you understand the progressive minds of the people doing it.  Their goal isn’t to help farmers or save the environment.  It is to help themselves by taking more control of your environment.  Their goal is to break your will. It is the elimination of your ability to afford to live without government and force you to live in governmentally prescribed government-owned housing.

“Manure from chicken and pig farms is a valuable fertiliser, especially in organic cropping systems, while deep-banding animal litter has shown huge promise in the state’s south-west in lifting soil organic carbon levels.

As Mr Bullen notes, this is just another stumbling block so good people will give up:

“Farmers just want to get on with the job of producing food and fibre,” he said.

“The last thing they need is unnecessary green tape getting in the way of actually farming.”

“We are continuing to engage with a number of stakeholders, including the EPA to ensure a common-sense solution is reached for Victorian farmers.”

Permission will not be necessary under the proposed act for farmers wishing to deposit or receive more than 20 cubic metres of manure each month.

This cap would exclude the majority of medium to large scale intensive animal enterprises along with all broadacre croppers wishing to use the manure as a fertiliser.

While it will not be necessary for farmers to obtain permission to deposit or receive more than 20 cubic metres of manure each month they will have to meet the proposed determination criteria.

What they mean to say is “will not be necessary,” yet.

So, governments that have no knowledge of how farming works and think farmers are dumb hillbillies who just drop seeds in holes will tell to farmers who gets to use manure and how they will use it. And bury them in paperwork that will waste valuable time and resources and cost tax dollar.  And, no doubt more rules will be tacked on as time goes on.

Do you really think America will be immune to such a government?

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