This is horrible and you would think these animals would be dealt with…

Hordes of drunk, predatory migrants have turned an Austrian train station into a ‘no-go zone’ for local women, who dub the station ‘The Terminus of Fear’.

Linz Station has become a gathering point for migrants rejected by Germany at the border a few miles away – drawn to its free internet, cheap drink, fast-food joints and heated passenger halls as they calculate their next move.
But pack mentality has set in, creating a ‘Cologne-light’ mentality, which sees women subjected to having their breasts and buttocks grabbed and the alcohol-fuelled men try to steal kisses, all the while slurring lewd sexual insults in pidgin German.
The men fight, they fall down, the vomit, they defecate in the bushes on the greensward outside the station entrance,

‘As a result, we have now arranged a travel group with other parents. My wife and I went to see it for ourselves. We travelled the same route that our daughter did and we found out that it was even worse than she described.
‘There was not a policeman in sight and in a country like Austria it cannot be the case that our children are scared going to and from work.’
Two 16-year-old students, probably just like his daughter, named Damaris and Joanna, had a profound mistrust of the new arrivals which seemed out of step with their youth and innocence.
‘Come down here at night? You must be joking!’ said Joanna. ‘We have read too much in the papers and seen too much on the TV for that.
‘We have heard how women have to be escorted on to trains, how migrants are raping people. I don’t want that to happen to me.’
Damaris just nodded in agreement before both moved off before dusk began to fall.
But Franz H.’s protest was not in vain. Teams of police from the ‘Lentos’ unit – hardened officers deployed at violent demonstrations and to quell brutal fans at football matches – are now to be seen marching confidently, overtly, through the station, the body language telegraphing to potential troublemakers that they will come off on the losing end of any confrontation.

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