A bill signing ceremony in the Oval Office at the White House took on a very special meaning with an 11-year old lobbyist who is a cancer survivor…Sadie Keller is a gem! She stood next to President Trump during the signing beaming with pride:

This is awesome!

Sadie Keller lobbied Congress to get the STAR Act passed…A brave young lady!

CNN EVEN COVERED THIS! On CNN, Sadie Keller, an 11 year-old cancer survivor says that the STAR Act, which was recently signed by President Trump will “help so many more kids survive.”


The Mission of the Sadie Keller Foundation
“I know how hard it is to fight cancer as a child, first hand. My mission for the Sadie Keller Foundation is to put a smile on the faces of children fighting cancer all over the country, and remind them to keep fighting by giving them special gifts, to raise awareness for childhood cancer, and to make a HUGE impact.”
– Sadie Keller, age 10
“Together we can make a difference!”

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