In a Fox News segment that took place in Gilbert, Arizona, co-host Pete Hegseth approached Arizona voters to ask about their mindset going into the midterm elections.

Hegseth talked to many enthusiastic Arizonians at a restaurant called ‘Another Broken Egg Cafe.’

One of the interviews at this cafe stood out to viewers and has since been shared many times on social media.

Hegseth approached a Latino man to inquire about his voting intentions for the midterms, asking, “What big issues are you talking about that are important to you?”

The man responded, voicing strong support for GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

“Pete, I’m part of ‘Catholics for Kari,’ I’m part of ‘Latinos for Kari,’ and I’m part of ‘Cops for Kari,'” he said.

He then went on to explain why his various cultural groups all align with the Republican party.

First, he elaborated on his strong roots in the first responder community and expressed why the issue of law enforcement is so important for him in his voting choices.

“I don’t know one street cop, any line cop, that’s going for the Democrats with this whole ‘defund the police’ nonsense,” he said. “I got two sons that are working the streets right now. One in Kansas, one in Phoenix. Nightwatch street cops. They took after me – after dad.”

“Every line cop is voting for Kari and the Republican party because we want to fund our police.”

Lake has been a strong vocal supporter of law enforcement, consistently defending the police against accusations of racism.

The interviewee then went on to describe why Latinos are predominantly voting Republican in the upcoming midterms, citing their Conservative values. “We believe in faith, family, freedom, hard work,” he said.

Lastly, he explained his Catholic perspective, saying,

“The Church has given us a criteria of five things called the ‘five non-negotiables’… When you look at the Democrat and Republican party platform, the Republican party platform is congruent with Catholic moral teaching on family and life. The Democrat party violates all five non-negotiables.


You cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat.

Meanwhile, a poll released on Tuesday shows Trump-backed candidate Kari Lake leading Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs by just one point.

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