As if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, (which found no evidence that President Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians) wasn’t bad enough—Democrat lawmakers like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI) and Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) who’ve made impeaching President Trump the central focus of their role in Congress, just got even more bad news. To add insult to injury, the coveted Independent voters have spoken, and according to a recent Quinnipiac poll,  59% of them don’t want to see Congress start impeachment proceedings against President Trump started. What’s worse, is that the poll reported by The Hill was taken before Mueller released his findings to Attorney General Barr.

Many of the Democrats have placed all of their hopes and dreams on dragging President Trump through an impeachment process, as a way to harm his 2020 reelection chances. Based on the Quinnipiac poll, Democrats may have seriously miscalculated the Independent voters level of tolerance for their self-serving shenanigans.

According to another recent report by The Hill – A majority of registered voters in a new poll say they would consider voting President Trump into a second term.

Fifty-four percent in the Hill-HarrisX survey released Monday said they would think about voting for Trump, though 46 percent of registered voters said they would not even consider casting a ballot for the president.

The polling was conducted before a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions was released on Sunday by Attorney General William Barr. That summary reported that Mueller did not find evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, a huge win for the president.

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People who said they backed Trump in 2016 are likely to back him again.

Ninety-five percent of respondents who said they had picked Trump in his first run for office said they could find a reason vote for him again in 2020.

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The vast majority of respondents who cast ballots for Trump’s former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, said they would not vote to re-elect him, though a somewhat sizable minority is at least open to the idea.

Seventy-six percent of former Clinton voters said they would “never” vote for Trump but 24 percent said they would at least consider it.

A March 18 CNN-SSRS poll found that 71 percent of Americans believe the country’s economy is in good shape. The country’s economic state of affairs is the central factor for many election prediction models. Based on current conditions and the fact that presidents usually get re-elected, Trump ought to be a lock in 2020 according to these predictions.

It doesn’t matter what the Democrats and their allies in the Deep State throw at him, Donald J. Trump, the man who loves America so much that he walked away from a very successful business, where he worked side by side with his beloved children, just keeps winning.

Just call him Teflon Don…

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