FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr spoke with Shannon Bream about our relationship with Chinese telecom. He emphasized that this is a national security threat. He says the Chinese are willing to take any action to further their geopolitical position.

He took it to China’s chief propagandist in a badass move yesterday, challenging her to bring out the whistleblowers who disappeared after they tried to warn about the coronavirus. He says he’ll travel to China to meet with them. He tweeted out a list of eight people who have just vanished and called out China to bring them forward.

Let’s see if China’s Chief Propagandist keeps her end of the deal. If you un-disappear those Whistleblowers, Brendan Carr says he will travel to China and meet with them.

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This all started when Carr responded to the propagandist’s tweet about how you can talk to anyone in China. That’s when it got really interesting. He went on to list all of the whistleblowers who tried to warn the world about the coronavirus. He asked her if she would agree to let him talk to them and “un-disappear” them:

He continued with the list of missing whistleblowers:

And the list goes on:

And on…

Carr’s final tweet: 9. @SpokespersonCHN does your offer still stand? Or has it suddenly disappeared as things tend to do over there?

Wow! Who knew our FCC Commissioner was so fantastic!

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