A new Barbie  was just introduced a few weeks ago called “Curvy Barbie” (see photo below) because, well…diversity and Kim Kardashian. Now we have “Hijarbie Barbie”…


Mattel said it introduced the biggest shakeup in the 57-year history of the model because it has a ‘responsibility to reflect a broader view of beauty’.

The toy maker said it also wanted to recognize how girls nowadays admire curvier women like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Christina Hendricks.

Barbie has had 180 careers during her lifetime but her stick-thin body has never changed.

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The new “Hijarbie Barbie” complete with a black hijab was designed recently by a Nigerian Muslim.

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The new Hijarbie comes with several outfits that all cover her head.

BARBIE has been given her most surprising makeover yet – and we don’t just mean a curvier body or different skin tone.

Complete with a tiny hijab on her plastic head, the miniature fashionista could not be further away from the blonde doll that has brandished the bedrooms of millions of youngsters for almost 60 years.

The ‘Hijarbie’ was created by 24-year-old Haneefah Adam, from Nigeria, who wanted to create a doll that dressed the way she did.

Her creation came just days after Mattel introduced a more realistic range of Barbie dolls in the biggest shake-up in the 57 year history of the model.

The new line includes four body types – the original rail-thin Barbie, a taller Barbie, one with more curves and a petite version.

In addition there are seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and a number of hair styles.

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