Biden Admin intends to roll back effective Trump tariffs on China

In what is proclaimed as an attempt to reduce his record-high inflation, Biden and his administration are considering rolling back “very effective” Trump-era tariffs on China. But there is a real reason.

It is clear that Democrats do not care about inflation as it does not affect the elite. The globalist World Economic Forum had no solution to inflation because they do not care. Democrats in the Biden Administration deny the fact that they have caused such inflation.

Beijing Biden by Jennifer Harper/The Washington Times

But now they try to use combating inflation as an excuse to roll back effective Trump policies of containment on Chinese economic expansionism. This comes right after the Biden Administration referred to the Chinse Communist Party (CCP) as “integral” to global progress and vowed not to enter conflict with them.

“There’s simply no way to solve climate change without China’s leadership, the country that produces 28 percent of global emissions,” Secretary of State Blinken said.

“China is also integral to the global economy and to our ability to solve challenges from climate to COVID. Put simply, the United States and China have to deal with each other for the foreseeable future.”

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Additionally, Hunter Biden had shady  and lucrative business dealings with Chinese companies and executives.

From Fox News:

Some of the tariffs, imposed by former President Donald Trump, affect household goods that could be purchased more cheaply from China. Raimondo previously praised some of Trump’s tariffs on China as “very effective.”

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These same policies of tariffs which President Trump implemented without causing inflation will somehow magically lower inflation if they are rolled back, they’d like us to believe.

They’d also like for us to believe that this is a detached move from their attempt to link the US up to China as a junior partner. They want us to believe that these moves have nothing to do with Joe Biden’s son’s ties to Chinese business.

Tariffs which were effective in their goals of containing China are to be rolled back by a Pro-China Administration. What does that have to do with inflation?

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