The Biden White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) are privately feuding over her recent trip to Taiwan.

The trip came as tensions between China and Taiwan are reaching a fever pitch, with China conducting military drills near Taiwan’s border.

Pelosi reportedly met with Taiwanese leaders as well as South Korean leaders during her weekend trip.

Biden administration officials told the press that they were unhappy with Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan as they feared it would upset Beijing during a time when they are trying to avoid escalating tensions.

Senior members of the National Security Council supposedly discouraged Pelosi from taking the trip, a suggestion she disregarded.


Some officials accused Pelosi of using the trip to boost her own image, saying she did it as a “capstone” for her political career.

Republican politicians have repeatedly accused President Biden of being soft on China.

Some speculate that Biden’s hands-off stance towards the Chinese Communist Party are due to his son’s illicit business relationship with Chinese government-linked companies.

Evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop that is reportedly being used in the current Department of Justice investigation against him indicates that Hunter used his access to President Biden to curry favor with Chinese-linked corporations.

The Daily Mail Reports

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the heavily-fortified DMZ during her trip to South Korea on Thursday, another controversial stop after her touchdown in Taiwan.

Her visit to the 155-mile-long, 2.5-mile-wide zone separating North and South Korea made her the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the area since President Donald Trump met North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un there in 2019.

Pelosi confirmed the visit by posting photos to her social media accounts and issuing a press release. She said, during her time on the border, she thanked the U.S. service members there, ‘who stand as sentinels of Democracy on the Korean peninsula.’

Biden administration officials told Bloomberg that the White House was fuming over Pelosi’s unannounced visit to Taiwan.

They said senior members of the National Security Council and State Department officials tried to discourage her from the visit but she refused to call off the trip which enraged Beijing.

Biden officials accused Pelosi of using the trip as a ‘capstone for her career’ at a moment of highly delicate relations with Beijing, according to Bloomberg.”

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