On December 8, Newsweek Sr. Writer tweeted a lie about Trump supporters cheering for the death of astronaut legend John Glenn. As it turned out, the only people who booed Glenn after Trump mentioned that he had passed away earlier in the day, were anti-Trump protesters who were eventually removed from the venue.
Here is the tweet: 


When asked why they might have booed, he speculated that it was because Glenn was a Democrat:

Outspoken conservative and FOX News host Tucker Carlson confronted Kurt Eichenwald during his show. He touched on several subjects, but the one that sticks out the most, is the unfounded claim that Eichenwald made about Trump being in a mental hospital in 1999:


Here’s what the very liberal Washington Post had to say about Eichenwald’s claim that Trump was in a mental hospital”

Kurt Eichenwald is an experienced investigative journalist, with a best-selling book to his credit and years of work at the New York Times, Vanity Fair and now Newsweek.

There’s no evidence that Trump was ever hospitalized for such a condition, and Eichenwald cited none.

The tweet was quickly deleted from Eichenwald’s account, though not before it received hundreds of retweets and “likes,” spreading it far and wide across the Twittersphere.

 Eichenwald and his Newsweek editor, Jim Impoco, didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment Wednesday. But his bizarre and apparently erroneous tweet may offer another lesson in how social media has made it tempting for reporters to overstep the boundaries of professional conduct.

After quite a bit of back and forth with the clearly embarrassed Newsweek Senior writer, Carlson finally let Eichenwald have it:You’re entirely entitled to your opinion, my only point is that t you should label yourself as you are which is an advocate.”


For the record, this is the image Eichenwald uses as his profile picture on Twitter:

keSeriously? Is everything about this clown fake? Even his picture looks fake. It’s time to drain the swamp of these arrogant “journalists” promoting fake news stories for mainstream sources who are attempting to label all conservative news sources as “fake.”

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