Well, this has to be the photo of the day or even the week. The meme below points out the fact that the grandstanding with anti-gun people who lecture really can’t talk about valuing life if they think it’s ok to kill a baby with abortion.

The left is using our children as pawns to keep them in the dark on the SECOND AMENDMENT and why we have it. Instead of teaching or debating in the classroom using critical thinking, teachers are blindly following. That should be enough to make you want to arm yourself even more. If sheeple will voluntarily be lead to protest en masse, who knows what else they’ll voluntarily do.


The left works off of emotion and NOT common sense. If they were thinking in terms of who to blame, they would protest the FBI and Broward County Police Department. The red flags were everywhere on the shooter but all government entities failed the students, teachers and parents.

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Learn your history…know your facts before succumbing to group think. We’ve been here before…

There’s just too much ignorance out there on gun control and why we should never have it. We feel that Michael Z. Williamson’s take on it is spot on.

Michael Z. Williamson of The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse:

It’s really hard to “have a discussion” about gun control.  Because you don’t need a discussion. You need an education. And you don’t want a discussion or education. You want to dictate, from ignorance and fear.

One of the common refrains recently has been, “You gun nuts need to come up with something, because doing nothing is no longer an option.”

So, if you’re conceding that your 150 years of trying to do something constitute “doing nothing,” I agree with you, as far as outcome.

Which means you’re admitting your ignorance-inspired efforts have been worthless.

In which case, isn’t it time you stepped aside, and let the doctor work?  Rather than insisting on power crystals and holy water, and burning garlic in sacrifice to the gods, or whatever you’re absolutely positive will fix the problem this time?

And since you come from a background of ignorance and superstition, you’re almost certainly going to be outraged when the professional tells you, “Your myths are irrelevant, accomplish nothing, and often make things worse.”  But whether or not you’re outraged, that’s the fact. And your own admission that your 150 years of effort constitute “Doing nothing” is proof. You have no idea what you’re talking about, but want your claims validated.

Well, that’s not going to happen.

When you blame attacks on “white supremacy,” you’re virtue signaling, and you look like an idiot.

When you try to conflate the NRA and the KKK, who were on completely different sides of the race debate when they were created, and still are, you’re virtue signaling and look like an idiot. (And it doesn’t matter what you’ve read in some leftist rag by someone else ignorant, no matter what alleged credentials they claim.)

When you claim suppressors allow “silent assassinations,” or speak of “high capacity clips” (sic), or that “bump stocks [sic] turn rifles into machine guns more dangerous than what the military uses,” or reference “the shoulder thing that goes up” or talk about “assault weapons” based on what stock and grip two identical rifles have, you’re being a complete tool. You’re not “saving lives,” you’re not “promoting gun safety,” you’re flapping around like an idiot and making a scene.

If you say you want to “compromise,” you’re lying, because we’ve spent 150 years “compromising” with your ignorant bleats, and, as you admit, have “accomplished nothing.”

So if you have any intellect whatsoever, you should probably take this opportunity to shut the fuck up and let the experts handle it before you kill another patient.

Now, you will probably not like what most of the experts have to say on the matter.  But the fact is, we are experts, you’re not, and as you like to claim in science, we have consensus.

Here’s one of my articles to show why you’re wrong about, well, everything:

And as to the solution to the problem you think you see: That has to be social and cultural, just as it was with the “problem” of liquor leading up to and during Prohibition, and as it is for marijuana and other recreational and potentially pharmaceutical drugs.

Which, as you might recall, also became “epidemics” because ignorant idiots insisted they knew the answers, until experts finally talked some sense into them.

Now please be quiet, the adults are talking.

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