Many conservatives point to Ronald Reagan as one of the greatest Republican presidents in any recent decade.  However, anyone who lived through his administration or has read about it also understands that his gravest mistake was his choice to give amnesty to at least three millions illegal aliens in America back in the 1980s.

In return, Reagan was to get border security and other compromises from Democrats.  Of course, we know this never happened.  It wasn’t until President Donald Trump that anything remotely significant was even attempted.  In the end, 1980s Democrats got multiple generations of dependable voters given to them with the stroke of a pen.  And, in the ensuing decades, 10s of millions more embolden illegal immigrants have flooded America while globalists on both sides got richer from all the cheap labor they wanted, denying market wages to American citizens who refused to do the jobs for such low pay.

This in large part resulted in America accelerating further toward the left end of the spectrum with increased income disparity between the top and bottom.

Illegals from poorer countries tend to vote Democrat for many generations because, statistically, they tend to be poorer, less educated, and more dependent on government than the average American.  They also tend to come from badly socialist countries with higher crime and corruption rates, so they too tend to be more accepting of such things. It is all they have ever known.  And, unless they assimilate, it is all they can ever know.

Unfortunately, the faster America let’s them in, the harder it is to ensure that they assimilate into our culture. This furthers divisions in our society and reduces the probability that immigrants will embrace our culture and unique constitutional system.


Because of all this and more, California has voted Democrat in perpetuity ever since Reagan.  Other formerly Republican strongholds like Texas are threatening such a permanent shift as well for the same reasons.

Now, RINO Republicans seek to ensure a final knockout blow to American ideological balance by pushing for yet another Amnesty for as many as 38-million illegals in America, today.

To that end, Maria Salazar, a Republican from Miami who apparently lied to her constituents when she said she despised socialism, says she will champion the massive socialist effort:

Republican Maria Salazar of Miami FL

Breitbart Reports:

“Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) suggests a Republican-led amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens living in the United States could be unveiled “probably next week.”

“What would the GOP do? That’s exactly what we’re trying to put together and we’re going to have something for you and for the viewers probably next week,” Salazar said.

Salazar said providing an amnesty to illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. for at least five years is necessary to “send a message to the Latinos or the browns in this country that we in the Republican Party, we have the same values entrenched in our party that are in their hearts.”

“Don’t you think that the Republican Party should be talking to people like me? Well, we have not,” Salazar claimed. “We have not done it. Why? For whatever reason.””

Ms. Salazar seems to be completely ignorant of Reagan’s 1980 disaster as well as Trump’s previous four years in office.  During his first term, Trump made incredible overtures to gain the votes of Hispanic voters.  And, to some degree, he was effective and would have likely been much more effective had the election been forensically audited.

Breitbart explains:

“Despite Salazar’s claims, former President Donald Trump had increased his support among Hispanic Americans between 2016 to 2020 from 28 percent to 32 percent after surging interior immigration enforcement and reducing overall legal immigration levels to boost U.S. wages and job opportunities for the lowest of wage-earners.

In fact, Trump won over more Hispanic Americans in the 2020 election than pro-amnesty Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) did in the 2008 presidential election. McCain, one of the co-sponsors of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty in 2013, won 31 percent against former President Obama’s 67 percent.

Trump, running on the most pro-enforcement GOP platform in decades, last year boosted his support in deep blue majority-Hispanic communities that sit along the U.S.-Mexico border. In 20 Texas counties that are on or near the border, Trump won eight compared to winning just three in 2016. Even more, support for Trump increased in all but one of the 20 counties.”

FOX News’ host Larry Kudlow chimed in and agreed with the non-conservative push for amnesty, saying most illegal aliens have “been good citizens for a long time” and deserve “legality or citizenship or some combination of green cards.”

So, as unprecedented millions of Americans are unemployed or unemployed due to government Wuhan Virus mandates and restrictions and lack of available low and medium-income jobs, the establishment media and GOP plans to push perhaps 30 million illegal immigrants into the work force and legal governmental assistance system?

“Salazar, who said illegal immigration has been good for big business, said illegal aliens are “doing jobs that other Americans don’t want to do.” The latest unemployment predictions suggest that working-class jobs — those in the food services and hotel industry — may never return as automation cuts into the labor market.”

Ms. Salazar is not telling the truth.  Plenty of Americans would gladly do those jobs if the wages they received were market wages, rather than depressed wages due to decades of failed immigration and economic policies.  Those jobs used to pay a lot more, so Americans used to do them happily.  And, the dollar used to be worth a lot more before establishment corporatists like Ms. Salazar inflated our currency into oblivion.  Have you noticed that the value of your dollar has been reduced by at least 30 percent over just a few years ago?  That is no accident.  It will tumble much further before this is all over as government spends trillions in every bill it passes in order to do just that.

Today, while President Joe Biden proposes an amnesty, more than 17 million Americans are jobless and those in the lowest-paying jobs have been hit the hardest as a result of economic lockdowns spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

It is always the same globalist talking points.  It never works.  Reagan failed miserably by granting amnesty to just three million illegals.  What will happen when we allow another 30 million in with another pen stroke?

Reagan’s fantastic immigration failure, combined with our current social and economic climate ushered in by such decisions, is now threatening to collapse our entire system of government.


Tell your congressman you want no part of this.

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