Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) ruffled a few feathers last night when he took to the Senate floor last night to admonish his fellow Senators for agreeing to add $1 trillion a year to our current debt after they agreed to pass a 600-page government funding bill.

After Paul was criticized for not supporting a much-needed increase in military spending, he clarified the reason for his frustration with the spending bill with a reasonable explanation on Twitter: “Yes, I want a strong national defense. I believe it’s actually the most important thing the federal government does. But you have to ask yourself whether a $20 trillion debt makes us a stronger country or a weaker country.”

Senator Paul tweeted: “Government’s job is not to get you stuff, or to get somebody else’s stuff for you. It’s to preserve your liberty.”

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Last November, Senator Rand Paul was the victim of a horrible attack by his neighbor, Rene A. Boucher, 58, who admitted to attacking the unsuspecting Senator in his yard. The attack left Senator Paul with broken ribs, bruises and later, Paul contracted pneumonia as a result of the attack.

Apparently, Senator Paul’s explanation of how he didn’t feel right about saddling American taxpayers with an addition $1 trillion per year in debt, apparently didn’t sit well with the left-wing, Hollywood actress, Bette Midler, who tweeted “Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?”

Isn’t it curious that the most intolerant people in America are those on the left, who are screaming about the “intolerant” right?

Midler was immediately criticized on Twitter for her hateful tweet:

Twitter user Scott Presler asked Twitter why Midler was allowed to use a call to violence against Senator Paul without any repercussions?

The more these phony celebrities expose their true selves to the general public, the smaller their fan base becomes.

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