Biden & His Mentor Were Once Whinin’ About Signature Verification, Election Fraud, DOJ Reform

Former President Barrack Obama


2020 has been turned into the year of confusion, demoralization, and normalization of dehumanizing authoritarian behavior.  This has all been done at the behest of corrupt politicians, elite billionaires, radicals, and countries that want to reshape the world–like China.

Amid this controlled chaos, many things we considered absurd just last year (we should STILL consider them absurd) we now are being told to accept, whether by mandate or by social shaming.  The most humorous example of this is leftists who for years have demanded ‘my body, my choice’ and ‘stay out of my bedroom’, but are now blissfully awaiting and strictly adhering to the next 15 government approved protocols in the bedroom.

Strange times, indeed.

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However, one thing as constant as the Northern Star, this Christmas, is the nauseating duplicity of politicians—especially leftist and globalist politicians.

The 2020 election saw a massive doubling in fraud-prone mail-in voting from 33.6 million in 2016 to 65.6 million in 2020, and its statistically impossible rejection rate plummeting in battleground states around the country.  Yet, former United States President, Barrack Obama, says  “there’s no actual evidence that there was any fraud.”  One must assume that the former president does not believe the mail-in voter fraud is a problem.

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That’s confusing.

It wasn’t so long ago, in 2008 during his campaign, that Joe Biden’s mentor, Barrack Obama, was demanding strict signature verifications for mail-in voting.  He was clearly worried about looseness of mail-in security, then, when he went on to say that “I think we would have to make sure that this was fraud proof”—implying that is was obviously not fraud-proof enough.

For 2008 Barrack Obama, one necessary lynchpin to ensuring a free and fair mail-in voting process is having states digitally pre-scan “everybody’s signatures who are registered to vote, so that they can check to make sure that the right people are voting.”  This interview with Barrack Obama was in 2008.  So, why is it that in 2020 we raced to double mail-in voting across America without ensuring such signature verifications and chain-of-custody security were in place in all the affected precincts?

In fact, in 2008, Barrack Obama also admitted that Democrats do “monkey around” with elections—meaning rig elections and commit fraud.  The fraud was so bad that according to former President Obama, America also needed to implement a “voting rights division in the justice department that is non-partisan that is serious about investigating cases of vote fraud.”  And, Obama wasn’t the only Democrat to admit that mail-in voting was suspect.

However, after 8 years in office in 2016 during election season, President Obama never instituted any such voting rights division.  Yet, while stumping for Hillary during the presidential campaign, he completely changed his tune, stating that “there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.”  He then casually invited “Mr. Trump to Stop Whinin’.”


Was Mostly-Cognitive Joe Biden whinin’ in 2007 when he demanded paper ballots instead of digital voting machines because he knew even in 2007 that digital voting machines weren’t trustworthy, were easily manipulatable, and lacked a chain of custody paper-trail?


Joe Biden Trying To Remember If His Forehead Is Still There


Now, Half-Cog Biden doesn’t seem to have any problem with digital voting systems.  In fact, over half of American states using digital voting machines running on Chinese Dominion software developed for dictators in Venezuela to cheat elections there for 20 years (allegedly, of course).  And, he loves it.

Leftists and globalists take a very utilitarian view of life and debate.  They inhabit whatever argument, lifestyle, law, gender, pronoun, or spirit animal that suits them at the time in order to feel good, gain a superior tactical position, and get what they want in the moment.  The ends, for them, always justify the means.  Leftism is, at its core, an amoral philosophy that lacks any transcendent principles in order to achieve its collective goals.

And, with Joe Biden as its pinnacle, it is clear that the less cognitive a person becomes, the more this situational ideology consumes them.

Now, quit yer whinin’ and have a Merry Christmas!



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