Biden’s “Disinformation” Board Czar Nina Jankowicz has made a lot of false claims over the years, now she is in charge of a propaganda department

Ranging from sharing misleading Tweets about COVID and masks, to downright praising Christopher Steele–author the infamous fake Russia Dossier–Biden’s new head of the Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, has a history of disinfo herself.

Jankowicz has made a number of false claims over the years.

1. At the onset of COVID she made a Tweet claiming that mask recommendations were “disinfo,” which she and the CDC quickly backpedaled on. By her own standards, this Tweet would be considered disinformation itself.

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2. In 2016 Jankowicz reiterated Hillary Clinton’s claim that President Trump would embolden ISIS. Clearly, that did not happen and it was a ridiculous lie to claim that it would.

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3. As late as 2020, well after the Russia-Dossier was debunked, Jankowicz praised the British spy who created it. Christopher Steele, she claims, provided “great historical context about the evolution of disinfo.” Given that he himself created so much of it, he would certainly know. That the person in charge of sifting through and censoring alleged “disinformation” is praising someone who produced one of the most egregious and dishonest pieces of political propaganda in recent history is quite telling.

4. Nina Jankowicz spread lies when she claimed that Trump supporters would show up armed to the polls in 2020. This also, clearly, never happened.

She has shared disinformation herself from as early as 2016 through to the present, with a clear bias against Trump supporting patriots and conservatives. She has not apologized for any of her own lies, or even acknowledged them, and now she is in charge of censoring anyone whom she deems to be spreading “disinformation.” We know, obviously, that this will consist exclusively of conservatives spreading the types of truth that the radical left don’t like to hear.

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