Joe Biden has no public events scheduled for today. There is a lid on appearances for today but hasn’t he had a lid on his entire presidency? While America is flailing in every direction, the geriatric president is missing in action.

It could be that he’s ramping things up for the Thursday vote on his ‘human infrastructure’ boondoggle except his own party is furious that he hasn’t been making calls to whip votes. Nancy Pelosi delayed the House vote until later in the week to make sure the moderate Democrats were on board.

With Biden’s border crisis, disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID, and inflation, it’s puzzling that he does not have public events. He’s the MIA president who rules when he wants to lecture Americans on something like COVID.

How out of touch is Biden? One of the cruelest ironies of our time is happening today, and he’s silent:

Front-line workers who risked their lives for a year with no vaccine while most Americans cowered in their homes, now being fired for not taking it.

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New York’s health department issued an order for all health care workers to be vaccinated by today, or they will be fired. 

What’s not being discussed is natural immunity. If a person has had COVID and has natural immunity, they are safer than someone vaccinated.

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Also, people who have been vaccinated are getting COVID.

While Biden sleeps, tens of thousands of Americans are losing jobs for no good reason.






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