Poland Has Taken in 2 Million Ukrainian Refugees. Meanwhile, Biden Tells Polish President It’s the Same as Our Border Crisis

As Biden met with Polish president Andrzej Duda to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Poland’s role in taking in refugees from the war torn region, he seemingly compares Polish efforts to our own deportation efforts.

Border Patrol Helping Migrants Cross the Rio Grande

From the Daily Mail:

‘The fact that you have so many Ukrainians seeking refuge in this country of Poland. We understand that because we have, at our southern border, thousands of people per day literally, not figuratively, trying to get into the United States,’ he said.

Some 3.5 million people have fled the Ukraine and nearly 2 million are in Poland, which shares a nearly 300-mile border with its neighbor.

In contrast, the officials on the United States border are dealing with a flux of immigrants, many from Latin American countries,

But most of the crossings are illegal and they are on the rise.

Comparing legitimate (and openly welcomed) fleeing from a region in active war to a culturally compatible neighboring nation, to that of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over the US border each month–and often being deported–is ridiculous even for Joe Biden. The implications of his statement are not entirely clear, but that’s normal for a Biden moment.

The United States has mostly, since March 2020 in a policy implemented under the Trump administration, been rapidly deporting those who have crossed the border illegally. This adds further confusion as Poland has been accepting the refugees from Poland wholesale, even referring to them as “guests” over “refugees” yet in Biden’s attempt to virtue signal internationally, he seems to forget that we are not (nor should we be) doing the same thing here.

In fact, March is anticipated to have nearly 200,000 deportations–the highest number since last August. Still, the fact that so many illegal immigrants pour through the border on a day to day basis is absurd, and to liken it to war zone refugees being welcomed into their neighboring country is even more so. Just another day under Biden.

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