As Biden’s presidency was just beginning, he was briefed by US Customs and Border Protection officials on the dangers of his policies and what damage could be done if he were to continue with his plans to open the border to all immigrants. In these briefings, CBP reportedly predicted the spike in unaccompanied minors at the border and warned Biden’s administration about the resulting surge in immigrants. Although these findings were presented clearly to the administration, Biden chose to ignore the warning and continue to push his agenda.

Former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolfe, confirmed that Biden’s team was fully informed of the risks and chose to proceed anyway. However, due to the sufficient warnings they received, they should have been much more prepared for the surge that is now occurring at the border.

It is not clear why the previously issued warnings were not taken seriously or acted upon properly. With preemptive action and preparation, the level of this crisis might have been reduced. Unfortunately, the CBP recommendations were not taken and now our border is being flooded with thousands of unaccompanied children, human traffickers, and many others with criminal pasts.

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After knowing full well what the consequences of his policies were going to be, Biden did not turn back and now in the face of crisis, he is blaming everything on the Trump administration who worked hard to prevent anything like this from ever happening.

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