In April, Michigan’s crooked Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer was forced to rescind an award for a massive coronavirus public health project after she was caught giving a no-bid contract to a Democratic political firm owned by Michael Kolehouse, a Democratic Party activist who recently tweeted that he wished President Trump would become infected with the coronavirus.

Democrat operative Michael Kolehouse (L) MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer (R)

Republicans weighed in on the scandal and accused the governor of surreptitiously obtaining data that might be useful for her political campaign under the guise of a healthcare project.

Whitmer’s office has acknowledged that usual protocols for selecting vendors were bypassed when the no-bid contract for coronavirus contact tracing was awarded to Kolehouse’s firm.

In May, during an appearance on “The View,” Governor Whitmer was asked by co-host Sonny Hostin about her grotesque characterization of Michigan citizens who protested her lockdown orders. Whitmer called the Michigan citizens desperate to save their businesses and to go back to work, “some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history.” Hostin attempted to tie President Trump to the “racist” protesters by remarking that he tweeted “#LiberateMichigan.”

Whitmer’s response to Hostin’s race-baiting question was not to defend the free speech rights of the citizens of Michigan but to throw gasoline on the fire, saying, “This is not free speech. This is a call to violence. This is racist and misogynistic.”

It’s okay for MI Governor Whitmer to protest. Apparently, the only time it’s inappropriate to protest the governor is when the governor who’s on the receiving end of the protest is Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Twitter user Michelle Gregoire reminded everyone of the time that then-State Senator Gretchen Whitmer (D), led a protest against Governor Rick Snyder in her fight to prevent Michigan citizens the right to join a union.

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Whitmer Yells, “Who runs this state?” The crowd Replies,” The People!” Whitmer Yells, “I’m not afraid of the people…The governor’s afraid of the people!”

Shortly after threatening protesters who dared to challenge her draconian lockdown orders by protesting in the state’s capital, Whitmer locked arms with hundreds of protesters outside the city of Detroit to protest the death of George Floyd. The media didn’t bat an eye at the obscene hypocrisy of the Democrat governor.

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A petition to recall the unpopular Michigan governor that began circulating around on social media shortly after the first protest in the state’s capitol against Governor Whitmer’s draconian lockdown orders has gained over 375K signatures. The protest, sponsored by Michigan Conservative Coalition, brought an estimated 15,000 angry, out-of-work protesters to Lansing, MI.

39-year-old Michigan resident Chad Baase initiated the petition. Baase told MLive that he started the petition because Whitmer has destroyed the Michigan economy and violated the civil rights of residents by imposing restrictions on business and recreational activity in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

After her draconian, economy-killing lockdown measures in response to the COVID pandemic, including attempts to destroy the livelihood of a 77-yr-old barber, Whitmer’s husband was caught trying to take cuts ahead of Michigan residents who were trying to get their boats placed into the water. The incident took place on the day after his wife’s ban on motorboats was lifted. The owner of the northern MI dock and boat company outed her husband in a post on Facebook.

As part of her 5th executive order, Whitmer announced that she would allow businesses in the upper portion of lower Michigan and all businesses in the upper peninsula to reopen. Curiously, as part of her executive order, Whitmer gave the go-ahead to dentists to reopen their businesses across the state on June 1st.

Dr. Zafar Tariq  a dentist at Smile Innovations in Novi, MI, who’s looking forward to reopening, told WXYZ, “When it comes to that scale of high risk, hygienist and dentists are at the very top.”

Why are dentists, who are considered high risk for catching COVID-19, allowed to open, while beauty salons, barbershops, and gyms still closed in the state of Michigan? Does Gretchen Whitmer think barbers and beauticians aren’t smart enough to take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their businesses?

Oops! Could it be that dentists are allowed to reopen their businesses because Gretchen Whitmer’s husband is a dentist?

Whitmer recently shut down gyms in Michigan one day before gyms across the state were set to open, (the gyms had already taken drastic measures to ensure the safety of their customers), Whitmer announced she would not allow them to reopen.

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is only the second female governor to be elected since the disastrous two terms of Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm, who left the state of Michigan in shambles when she left office in 2011. As evidenced by her irrational decisions to pick winners and losers in her state during the COVID-19 shutdown, Gretchen Whitmer has proven that she’s no friend of the working woman in the state of Michigan. She’s also proving that if you cross her, you will pay dearly. Not only will she ensure you pay a heavy price, but she may also make sure you never work in her state again.

One of the occupations hardest-hit by Governor Whitmer’s irrational executive orders over COVID-19 fears is that of a hairstylist. Curiously, Whitmer, who likes to think of herself as a champion for women, made the irrational decision to shut down the beauty and spa industry that’s made up of mostly women owners, employees, and independent contractors.

7 female hairdressers received criminal citations for cutting hair during a protest in front of the Capitol that was organized by Michigan Conservative Coalition. All 7 of the hairdressers have received notifications from the MI licensing bureau, LARA, informing them that their licenses to practice in the state of MI are currently under review. Rachel, one of the hairdressers has closed her business and is moving to another state where she plans to start all over again. citing Governor Whitmer’s attempt to destroy her for daring to protest as the reason.

Rachael is pictured on the right. The photo was provided to us by Rachael and is a screenshot taken from an MLIVE video.

ANGELA RIGAS, a working mother of four, is also a victim of Governor Whitmer. After recently completing the required course to obtain her CPL (Concealed Permit License), hairstylist, Angela Rigas who was also targeted by Governor Gretchen Whitmer for peacefully protesting Governor Whitmer’s shutdown, was told she could not apply her CPL because of the criminal charge she was given for her part in the protest.

Angela is pictured in the black vest cutting hair on the right side.

Incredibly, after suggesting that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had been removed from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s shortlist (allegedly because of her lack of melanin), MLive is reporting that the unpopular governor is still on the list of potential vice presidential picks, according to WOOD-TV’s Rick Albin.

On Tuesday, Albin asked Biden a two-pronged question about how important Michigan is in his electoral and whether he was still considering Whitmer as a potential vice-presidential candidate.

“Incredibly and yes,” Biden answered.

Biden has publicly put Whitmer on his list for months. In March, he told MSNBC’s Brian Williams Whitmer had “made the list, in my mind, two months ago.”

Whitmer has said she is focused on Michigan but has cultivated a national profile during the coronavirus crisis.

Does anyone in the Democrat Party seriously believe that Biden will help himself with the voters of Michigan by choosing the wildly unpopular governor as his running mate?

The MCC or Michigan Conservative Coalition, is asking for everyone’s help to pay the legal fees of these brave hair stylists who dared to stand up to Michigan’s tyrannical governor. The MCC has started a GoFundMe account for the hairstylists to help pay their legal fees. Go HERE to contribute.


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