One word to describe the disconnected, delusional and sickening speech Joe Biden just gave…Wow! It’s unbelievable that he came out and gave an almost jubilant speech that lectured Americans and blamed Trump. He went from angry shouts to whispering during the bizarre speech. He called the mission an “extraordinary success.”

Biden said, “This is the way the mission was designed.” and then blamed Americans for not getting out of Afghanistan by the deadline. He said, “We reached out 19 times to warn people.”…”90% of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan left.” So he just admitted he left people stranded.

Biden goes on to blame Trump…no surprise there. He then pivots to blame Americans again and again for not getting out of Afghanistan.

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Biden blamed Trump over and over:

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Above all, never forget Biden said he would get all Americans out. He just admitted he left 10% of Americans in Afghanistan:

In the end, Biden walked away AGAIN from Americans.


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