Not long after bragging about his mental well-being on a “60 Minutes” segment, Biden put on a humiliating display of his mental decline, wandering around the stage like a senile old man at the Global Fund’s 7th Replenishment Conference.

After speaking at the conference this week, Biden began to slowly walk off stage, then stopped and turned back around slowly as if he were lost. He looked over to his handlers for instruction, asking them if he should stay on stage.

Suddenly, another person on stage began speaking, thanking Biden for his remarks. Upon hearing his name, he turned around, looking stunned.

Then, as he was still being thanked for his speech, Biden turned again and slowly started walking away. Again, his handlers motioned for him to stay on the stage.

This was enough to even confuse the person recording the event, who seemed unsure if they should continue showing Biden or just focus on the person speaking.

This is the leader of our nation.


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