Americans have to be asking WWTD (What Would Trump Do)? He is so missed, especially with this disaster in Afghanistan. Our nation needs Trump.

Will Biden address a few key topics in the news, like why he repeatedly looked at his watch during the ceremony to bring home the dead military service members? Why he left hundreds of Americans and military dogs stranded? It’s doubtful.

Biden delayed his speech several times today. He was originally scheduled for 1:30 pm ET. The speech was then rescheduled for 2:45 pm ET and missed. Americans are disgusted. Steve Hilton tweeted: “Biden couldn’t wait to leave the families of the 13 fallen heroes he was meant to be honoring…now he keeps everyone else waiting with yet another delayed ‘speech’ that will try to spin his way out of the catastrophe he created…incompetent. disrespectful. unfit to be president.”

Fox Business will have the speech live but Biden has delayed several times:

W.H.Gov also has Biden’s speech:

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Republicans call for Biden to resign:


Joe Biden refused to change the date of withdrawal in Afghanistan, leaving hundreds stranded in the terrorist state of Afghanistan. They are literally hostages now.

Biden has a track record of not having the will to go after terrorists, so there is a high possibility that this weakness will cause more danger and death for Americans.

What would Trump do? He’d get ALL Americans out of Afghanistan.

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