Joe Biden spoke to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday and was asked questions by reporters after his speech. When reporters started to yell questions, Biden oddly lunged forward in his seat. This behavior follows a pattern that Biden has continued over the years. He taunts reporters in a very odd way. During his 2020 campaign, he snapped at reporters numerous times (see below).

Biden has been avoiding the media like the plague. He didn’t speak with the media upon his return to the White House on Sunday. When reporters tried to question Biden during his meeting with the UN Secretary-General, he sat quietly and then lowered his mask, raised his eyebrows, and commented to the Secretary-General. Biden has gotten into the habit of ignoring the media and just leaving the podium after he speaks.

The strange behavior exhibited this morning is similar to some bizarre behavior during the 2020 campaign. Biden lunged at a reporter and repeatedly said, “Why, why, why…”

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CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe was asking about the Sanders feud when he said: “Yesterday, you said you accepted Bernie’s apology, now you’re attacking him. Why’d you do that?”

In February of 2020, Biden was asked, “Does it seem like you’re giving up on New Hampshire?” Biden snapped back at the reporter, pointing his finger in the reporter’s face, “I’m not giving up on New Hampshire! And don’t’ poke that in my face—okay buddy?”

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Joe Biden called a young Mercer College student a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier,” when she asked him how he thinks he can pull off winning a national election.

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