Biden has announced his plans to combat the new Omicron variant, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions, including ‘Why is this necessary?’ and ‘What will this accomplish?’

A central feature of this COVID relief plan is to purchase and distribute 500 million rapid COVID tests to Americans via mail beginning in January. Americans will be able to order these at-home tests free of charge, but it has not yet been made clear how the number of tests a household can order will be determined. It is also unknown how/if different groups will be prioritized in terms of eligibility to order tests. To increase public access to free testing, the Federal government will also be setting up testing sites around the US, starting this week in New York City.

Biden also plans to increase hospital support, including mobilizing 1,000 US troops – military doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel – to help out in hospitals lacking proper medical staff. This plan includes organizing and initializing FEMA response teams to provide additional staffing to help expand hospital capacity. On top of this, the government will also send ambulances to states/regions where additional help is needed to transport patients.

The third aspect of this anti-Omicron plan is to, unsurprisingly, increase the number of vaccination sites nationwide, including the addition of pop-up/mobile vaccinations clinics, federal vaccinators, and pharmacy capacity.

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Earlier in December, Jen Psaki mocked the very basis for this Omicron-elimination plan at a press conference. Psaki was asked why they don’t just make the COVID tests free and available for all Americans, to which Psaki snidely responded, “Should we just send one [COVID test] to every American?… How much does that cost? And then what happens after that?”

Psaki directly shut down this idea as a possibility due to its cost and lack of effectiveness in actually solving anything… yet, less than a month later, Biden’s big plan is to do just that: send a COVID test to every American. So, the question remains… where is this money coming from and what will sending out COVID tests to everyone do to stop the Wuhan virus?

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While there’s nothing wrong with providing assistance to overwhelmed and understaffed hospitals, why would our government allocate all this additional effort and money to eliminate a strain of COVID that, as far as we’ve seen, isn’t very dangerous? As Rep. Marjorie Greene pointed out on Twitter, “If Joe Biden cares at all about saving lives then he’ll mass-produce monoclonal antibodies & Ivermectin.”

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