Joe Biden traveled to Louisiana on Friday to stump for his $3.5 trillion boondoggle infrastructure bill that is mostly about giving freebies to people.  He gave a speech pumping rhetoric into the air even though he was supposedly there to “survey the damage” caused by Hurricane Ida. Heck, Joe will do anything to pivot from the disaster in Afghanistan.

He delivered a folksy speech with his sleeves rolled up looking like he was going to do some work around the town of LaPlace, Louisiana. He used a cheat sheet with pictures and names of dignitaries along with the transcript of his speech that someone else wrote.

The short clip below is a perfect example of the inability of Biden to complete a thought…

“I’m Grateful For The Governor Asking Me To Come On Down To Visit And To See What, Uh, Visit”

After his speech, Biden turned around and ignored a handler while he  waddled off in the wrong direction.

The handler even said, “This way, sir, this way.”

Biden promised $100 million in aid to residents of Louisiana. He’s going to give $500 to each resident. Yes, the visit wouldn’t complete without Biden giving away other people’s money to enrich his political future.

Biden has a history of needing handlers to guide him around:

Watch the video below from March of 2020 where Biden looks a little confused when asked about the incident with an auto worker and then answers with a completely different topic. Biden is then led to the car by his campaign manager Symone Sanders. She grabs his arm to pull him into the car to stop him from engaging more with the reporters:

A similar incident happened a few months ago where a handler walked Biden through the campaign office in Iowa (see video below).

At a campaign office in Iowa, Joe Biden could be seen being led around by a campaign aide who appears to be helping him to navigate through the door. The 78-year-old former Vice President Joe Biden can be seen leaving the inside of a building wearing dark sunglasses and being helped through the door. If you didn’t know the person in the video is the Democrat’s presidential frontrunner, you might confuse him for an elderly blind person being helped by an aide.

Once Joe is helped through the door, he stops to speak to his adoring fans in the media. “We’re gonna survive all the way through this whole thing,” Biden tells them, with a big smile on his face.

There are too many incidents like the one above to infuriate any American who wants a TRUE leader for America. Also THIS is why we should demand that our president not be like this:


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