Leaders across the world are pushing their countries towards switching to digital currencies. The question is, why? Are digital currencies better for citizens? Or do they increase the control governments can exert over people’s everyday activities?

According to Kaneoka the Great, 98 countries are in various phases of instituting central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The map below shows that the US is still in the research phase, where Russia and China are already utilizing pilot plans.

American entrepreneur, investor, and Bitcoin enthusiasts Anthony Pompliano has warned that a CBDC will bring an end to financial privacy and become “one of the greatest violations of human rights in history.”
Pompliano explained,

“Central bank digital currencies remove the privacy and decentralized nature of physical cash. It creates an environment where central banks have complete control over every aspect of a citizen’s financial life.”
He continued,
“These central bankers will be able to see what is in your bank account, who you transact with, what you purchase, and anything else they are curious about in your financial life. That full transparency with the state removes all elements of privacy while also giving the institutions the ability to censor any and all transactions, regardless of whether they have a legitimate reason or not.”

Neel Kashkari, who works at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, spoke on a panel at Columbia University and said centralized digital currencies did not solve any issues for American citizens but could create plenty of problems,

“What is it that a CBDC can do that Venmo can’t do?” Kashkari asked. “Well, I can see why China would do it. If they want to monitor every one of your transactions, impose negative interest rates, or directly tax customer accounts, you can do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo.”

Neel Kashkari

Kaneoka the Great illustrated what CBDCs could look like:

“You spoke up against masking children at your child’s school board meeting. Purchase denied.
You exceeded your vehicle’s weekly miles and surpassed your carbon limit. Purchase denied.
You posted private messages on Facebook questioning the integrity of the last election. Purchase denied.
You did not take your latest Pfizer mRNA gene therapy shot. Purchase denied.
You defied your lockdown protocol and traveled outside of your quarantine zone. Purchase denied.”

Pre-Covid, this might have seemed too Dystopian to imagine, yet U.S. officials overstepped the Constitution and exerted unlawful mandates under the guise of health. In a post-lockdown era, Americans have wisened up to the freedom grabs being instituted by compromised politicians, corporate autocrats, and World Economic Forum globalists who seem to have a shared goal; to take individual freedom away.

Posing as Ukrainian puppet Zelensky, pranksters Vovan and Lexus tricked ECB President Christine Lagarde into disclosing her plan to launch a “Digital Euro” on October 23, giving central banks control over how citizens can spend money:
“There will be control. You’re right. You’re completely right. We are considering whether for very small amounts, you know, anything that is around 300, 400 €, we could have a mechanism where there is zero control. But that could be dangerous… I don’t want Europe to be dependent on an unfriendly country’s currency, for instance, you know, the Chinese currency, the Russian currency…
I don’t want Meta, Google, or Amazon to suddenly come up with a currency that would take over the sovereignty of Europe.”
Kaneokoa warned, “Central bank digital currencies are the latest battleground in the ongoing struggle for individual liberties. Without global awareness, central banks will pull off a massive violation of human rights, and citizens will cheer them on while they do it.”


Former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Assistant Secretary of the United States Catherine Austin Fitts explained that authoritarian control and full digital surveillance rather than a concern for the environment is driving the green energy agenda,

“All of this clean energy is designed to produce an all-electrical system which will allow them to build an all-digital transaction system that will give them digital control.”

She continued, “Energy will be top-down, and then you’re going to place sensors and chips on everything that moves in America. If you can move every human into a digital concentration camp, empty their bank account any time you want, and tell them what they can and cannot spend money on, you’ve got complete control.”

Biden signed Executive Order 14067 in March 2022, revealing that his administration views CBDCs positively and are promoting them as helpful for protecting U.S. consumers, investors, and business.

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