Last week, the Joe Biden-nominated U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins, resigned from her position after two federal watchdog agencies found evidence of election interference. Now, Biden’s DOJ has announced that all charges against the district attorney will be dropped.

Rachael Rollins

On Friday, the George Soros-backed U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts resigned because she was facing potential federal charges because she allegedly tried to use her position to influence a local election and lied to investigators.

However, the Justice Department has decided to not prosecute Rollins for any of the crimes that were alleged by the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The OIG had accused Rollins of violating Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, including using public office for private gain and using nonpublic information.

According to the OIG, Rollins had acquired “non-public,” “sensitive” information due to her federal position, and leaked this information to the press in an effort to help a candidate in the 2022 Democratic primary for Suffolk County’s district attorney by sabotaging his opponent.

It was also found that Rollins lied under oath during an investigation into the release of this non-public, derogatory information, denying that she played any role in the information leak.

Special Counsel Henry Kerner’s report found that the leak of information about the DA’s race, in which she opposed eventual victor Kevin Hayden, “was an extraordinary breach of public trust by a senior government official, which threatens to erode confidence in the integrity of federal law enforcement actions.

Rollins was also exposed for disregarding warnings from DNC officials and attending a Democratic National Committee fundraiser to meet and have her photo taken with Jill Biden, despite the possibility of violating the federal Hatch Act which limits the political activities of federal employees.

Additional allegations include soliciting and accepting 30 free tickets to a Boston Celtics game, which violates ethics rules, and accepting payment from a sports and entertainment agency for travel and means.

Despite the serious allegations against Rollins and the evidence that has been presented, the hypocritical DOJ has decided to not charge Rollins.

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