Biden’s U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, was photographed today on a flight from Boston to DC while blatantly disregarding Biden’s mask policy. Neil McCabe, a reporter for The Tennessee Star, recently published the incriminating image of Kerry reading a book on the plane with no mask in sight.

As McCabe states in his post on Twitter, “He was not eating, nor drinking,” thus eliminating the only reasons that may have excused him from wearing a mask.

While vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, those who are fully vaccinated are STILL required to wear a mask and social distance in public settings (such as an airplane).

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This was a confounding show of hypocrisy as Kerry, a major figure in the Democratic Party, showed little regard for the policy that his party backs so strongly. While he may have no problem telling others to ‘mask up,’ he clearly has fallen short of following his own advice.

Masks are only for the peasants in the back of the plane…

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American Airlines supposedly requires masks on their flights, having stated in an official news release that ” individuals who refuse to wear a mask may be denied boarding, removed from the aircraft or subject to penalties under federal law, in addition to being barred from future travel with American.”

So then, where is the penalty for Kerry? Is it simply the rest of us who are subject to these laws and regulations? Surely a flight attendant or passenger must have seen him without a mask on but chose not to reprimand him the same way they would your “average” passenger.

American Airlines announced over Twitter that they are “looking into this” soon after the initial story surfaced and have yet to comment further.


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