On Monday, the White House held an event on its lawn to highlight its “Trucking Action Plan” and federal investments in the trucking industry. During Biden’s address, he had some pretty cringe-worthy moments (per usual), and here are the top four:

First, as Biden was recognizing the members of Congress in attendance, he singled out Rep. Lauren Underwood. Embarrassingly, good ol’ Uncle Joe forgot her name.

“And Laura Underwood… where’s Laura?” Biden said as he scanned the crowd. “There she is, right there – right in front. Good to see you, Laura.”


After recognizing some of the members of Congress, Biden said, “As they say in parts of Wilmington, Delaware: ‘These guys brung me to the dance 35 years ago – 40 years ago’.”

If he meant “brought him to Washington”, Biden came to Washington 49 years ago.

Somewhere in the middle of his speech, Biden got sidetracked and started saying that he “used to drive a truck” which is simply not true. He did, however, go for a ride in one when he was a Senator.

Lastly, after his remarks, Biden found himself completely lost and didn’t know where to go. As the applause began, he couldn’t figure out if he should walk away. A very confused Joe then asked the woman standing next to him, “What do we do now?”

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