For months, the legacy media has been assailing viewers and listeners with lies about conservatives, independents, and Trump supporters surrounding the events on January 6th at the US Capitol building.  There is endless damning evidence that proves beyond all doubt that violent anti-Trump Antifa/BLM organizers instigated the violence and were seen on the scene in numerous videos and messages.  Video evidence shows police officers freely escorting the masses into the building.  Almost all of the hundreds of people who then entered the building committed no crimes or vandalism while in the building.

And, to date, no evidence has shown that any Trump supporter killed officer Sicknick despite cameras being everywhere in the capitol.

Merrick Garland is Biden’s Attorney General and currently head of the DOJ

Yet, Biden’s regime continues to try to divide Americans by labelling his ideological opponents as domestic terrorists and white supremacists and extremists.

Now, it turns out that even Biden’s own corrupt DOJ is being forced to admit that they have little evidence to support most any of the major claims and have walked back many of the charges.

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Reuters noted the walk-backs this week.

This begs the question: what the hell were Biden and his justice department and FBI doing by labelling roughly all of Trump’s 1 or 2 million January 6th supporters and his 80+ million national supporters as domestic terrorists, white supremacists, and insurrectionists?  As you recall, that was the day that congress was set to approve or disapprove of the…irregular…electoral college votes.  The chaos caused by mostly leftists on January 6th was then used as an excuse to ignore all the irregularities and approve the votes, despite the endless lingering questions.

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The Conservative Treehouse Reports:

Interesting that Reuters would outline the walk-backs.  Even more interesting that the details of the walk-backs seem to prove the DOJ never actually intended to win any of these cases, but rather wanted to advance a political narrative about extremists through their earlier statements.

The approach of building a political narrative through false accusations and over-charging in the DOJ is the essence of Lawfare.  The government has endless taxpayer resources to fuel their political weaponization of the judiciary.

The process of the charges then becomes the punishment by design.  The targets are drained financially, sometimes physically detained under false pretense, and then the DOJ walks backwards when the judges finally ask for proof.

The process is the punishment for political affiliation.  The DOJ is fully weaponized.  The majority of Americans can clearly see this taking place.


Prosecutors made some serious claims after the deadly U.S. Capitol attack, saying they had evidence rioters planned to kill elected officials, suggesting a Virginia man at the building received directives to gas lawmakers, and accusing another suspect of directing mayhem on Jan. 6 with encrypted messages.

But the Justice Department has since acknowledged in court hearings that some of its evidence concerning the riot…is less damning than it initially indicated.

[…] On Jan. 19, prosecutors said they believed Thomas Caldwell, a retired U.S. Navy officer from Virginia, had a “leadership role” within the Oath Keepers. The FBI, in a criminal complaint, described Facebook messages Caldwell allegedly sent and received “while at the Capitol,” including one urging him to turn on the gas and tear up the floorboards.

“‘All members are in the tunnels under capital seal them in. Turn on gas,’” it read.

A prosecutor in Florida read those words aloud in February in a bid to convince a judge to detain two of Caldwell’s co-defendants. Prosecutors now acknowledge that Caldwell was not even a dues-paying member of the Oath Keepers and that they lack evidence he ever entered the Capitol.

There also are questions about the Facebook messages. Caldwell’s lawyer said in a March 10 court filing those messages were sent by two men who were more than 60 miles (100 km) away at the time and had no connection to the Oath Keepers. The comments were apparently satirical, albeit “tasteless,” his lawyer said, and Caldwell never responded to them. (read more)

So arrests were made and people remain locked up for months and, only now after months of fear being induced in his political opponents is the DOJ admitting that almost all of its data is a joke–some of it quite literally.

The Conservative Treehouse Sums it up like this:

This pattern of Main Justice overcharging based on fabricated or overblown claims is consistent with their exact same activity in the Trump-Russia investigation.  DAG Rosenstein charged fictitious characters in Russia and then buried the entire indictment of a dozen people in the National Security Division, never to be heard from again after July 13, 2018…. Of course, just from the indictment itself, the media had the talking points they needed.

If you are old enough to remember the Soviet-era propaganda approximately five years prior to the Polish solidarity movement, you are old enough to have a solid frame of reference for July’s 2018 announcement from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. {GO DEEP}

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