Bill Maher was criticized by Whoopi Goldberg for saying we should have just one national anthem. Goldberg said anyone who doesn’t want two national anthems should be reeducated.She is in support of playing the Black National Anthem during sporting events.  Maher’s reply is fantastic. He’s a liberal but disagrees with the new segregation the ‘woke’ crowd is pushing:

‘We just shouldn’t have two… I am what you might call an old-school liberal who was brought up with the crazy idea that segregating by race is bad. That’s what I was talking about.’

Maher continued:

‘Symbols of unity matter. And purposefully fragmenting things by race reinforces a terrible message that we are two nations hopelessly drifting apart from each other. That’s not where we were even ten years ago and it’s not where we should be now.’

Maher destroys Goldberg’s argument and calls out the college trend of segregation by race.

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