Bill O’Reilly revealed last night during his segment with Sean Hannity that they were threatened by Media Maters NOT to have the interview (PLEASE SEE BELOW). These two are great together! O’Reilly calls out the main stream media in a big way.

The interview is fantastic! They should do this more often.

Fox News reported:

Bill O’Reilly blasted left-wing groups for trying to “wipe out speech” they disagree with.

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Sean Hannity said the media has become corrupt and “bitterly ideological.”

O’Reilly agreed that progressive groups like Media Matters track and threaten independent voices in the media who do not conform to progressive orthodoxy or talking points.

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“These people want to wipe out any speech with which they disagree,” O’Reilly said.

Hannity said Media Matters, which was founded by left-wing political operative David Brock, threatened him and O’Reilly over their planned interview.


MEDIA MATTERS RIPPED HANNITY  FOR IGNORING THEIR THREATS: By bringing back Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity proves he’s a reckless loose cannon

Hannity’s unhinged behavior threatens to have a real impact on his bottom line. Advertisers have started dropping Hannity. Thanks in part to Media Matters’ Stop Hannity advertiser education effort, advertisers are learning that financially supporting his political chicanery and Trump’s political interests is bad for business. We’ve seen this story unfold in the past, with O’Reilly and Glenn Beck before him.

Hannity’s apparent decision to add O’Reilly to his stable of guests is a disaster for Fox. The move gives ad buyers who were already concerned that Fox couldn’t control Hannity a new reason for alarm. It gives advertisers who previously abandoned O’Reilly’s show a reason to fear that their ads elsewhere on the network could end up promoting him. And it gives British regulators — who were already reviewing Fox as part of Rupert Murdoch’s $15 billion bid to purchase Sky — a reason to worry about the network’s corporate governance and commitment to changing its seedy culture.

Fox knows all this, so it seems more likely that the network was blindsided by a host who’s out of its control than that it is willingly complicit in his effort to promote his former colleague. And Hannity knows it too. He just doesn’t care.

This may be the beginning of Fox’s nightmare — the last remaining member of its former dream team, openly revolting and daring the network to fire him and let him take his audience somewhere else. It won’t end until Hannity gets his way, or is sent on his way.


The two also discussed how such forces have tried to silence or “destroy” pro-Trump voices and “anyone who voted for him.”

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