HATE CRIME? This guy is clearly picking out Asian women to attack but the police aren’t ready to call these three assaults a hate crime. Would they be so slow to name this crime if it had been any other race?

hammerA man wielding a hard object wrapped in a white plastic bag smacked three young Asian women in the face in separate incidents Wednesday and Friday, according to the NYPD.

The women were hospitalized but later released, police said. Police are distributing surveillance footage showing the unidentified black man assaulting the three women aged 29 to 35 in three different Manhattan neighborhoods.

One victim told investigators that the hard object that struck her in the cheek or chin area was a bottle, but the other two weren’t able to identify was used, an NYPD spokesman told the Daily News.

The first victim, 35, was sitting outside near 155 Grand St. in SoHo at around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday when the man walked up and asked her who is president of the United States, police said. She ignored the question and he left, according to police.


Seconds after that, the man came back and whacked her on the side of her face, cops said. He ran away right after he socked her, according to police.

Four hours later, a 29-year-old woman was walking on Park Ave. South near E. 30th St. in NoMad when she saw the same guy walk past her and then stop at a corner, according to police. Once the victim reached the corner, the guy swung the bagged object and hit her in the face, cops said.

About 25 minutes after midnight the following night, a 34-year-old woman was walking near the corner of Second Ave. and E. 60th St. on the Upper East Side when the suspect simply walked up to her bashed her on the forehead, cops said.

Police aren’t currently investigating the alleged senseless street attacks as hate crimes, a police spokesman told the Daily News. But the NYPD sent out an alert noting the pattern Saturday night.

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